About Lee Smith Architects and Centaur Construction Group

As a design-build company, we are in constant touch with our customers who we consider to be our main inspiration. Our designs are based on each individual's lifestyle and our main concern is to provide our clients with the best answers to their personal vision and needs in a building, with respect to their budget.

Our involvement in both new construction and renovations provides us with the insight to deal with a broad range of construction applications that vary from the traditional to the most innovative techniques. We always welcome your feedback and ideas.


"After our bar was renovated we have seen a large influx of customers and have seen a larger customer retention than ever before. I believe the new bar created a sense of place that subconsciously made people want to come back. Thank you!" - Anton, West Chester

"Lee Smith & Centaur Construction helped me to plan my new kitchen remodeling project. With my budget in mind, I was very happy with the outcome and would recommend this company to others who are interested in a creative, efficient renovation." - Jessica Chappell, West Bradford, PA

"Centaur Construction did a great job of designing and building my trex deck, which I hope to enjoy for years to come. Thanks!" - Anonymous, West Bradford